About Us

Our Story

Several years ago, we were pulling our hair out as managers of big departments within a major investigative firm. The work was great and there was a lot of it, but things kept getting bottled up at the same points: efficiently keeping track of relevant facts, writing reports or other work product, organizing documents and getting briefings from investigators. Due to inefficiencies in these areas, our team was needlessly writing off hours.

So we decided to build a better mousetrap. Lynx Workflow starts with two products that can revolutionize the way knowledge workers do their business, giving your firm a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and making you and your clients more money.

Our Products

Our initial Software as a Service (SaaS) products are:

  1. ReportWriter, a time-saving, profit–making tool for professional investigators. Takes the busy work out of background reports.
  2. FactBox, an information–management SaaS for highly skilled professionals that dramatically boosts their working memory.


We are a team of experienced and dedicated technologists and problem-solvers. We are passionate about creating tools for professionals who deal in complexity. We believe in technology that serves, not replaces, the unique power of the human brain.

The backgrounds of the five core team members include senior technical positions at Fortune 500 companies, leadership of highly profitable professional-services firms, a Harvard-trained and award-winning design leader and a dozen bootstrapped and VC-backed startups combined.

We are obsessed with enhancing customer experience with our products. We hope you agree.

Please contact us with questions, input or general feedback:

Lecia Kaslofsky, CEO: lecia@lynxworkflow.com

Edward Morris, CCO: edward@lynxworkflow.com