A report builder for investigative companies.

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Our proprietary Software as a Service:

  1. Allows for easy case setup. Just enter the case name, assign investigators and save.
  2. Guides investigators through the investigation. The software provides a checklist and prompts for entering results, improving the accuracy and completeness of the investigative work.
  3. Provides a framework for organizing information. Less time spent organizing materials leaves more time for uncovering facts.
  4. Generates pre-formatted reports at the push of a button for end clients. Standardized default language and repetitive words and names are automatically entered, saving valuable time and aggravation in editing.
  5. Allows for in-depth analysis. Our core value is to help humans do what they do best—think, analyze and make connections. We never automate the process when in-depth analysis is called for.

So that you can:

  1. Increase your margins and spend far less unbillable time per case.
  2. Bill our service to the client as a case-related expense.
  3. Ensure consistent work for clients whether using in-house investigators or subcontractors.
  4. Scale without limit.

Pay As You Go

$ 50 per subject
  • Use our default report template
  • Select only the fields you want in your report
  • Use your own logo
  • No minimum usage commitment or subscription fees
  • Instant report generation with minimal editing required
  • $150 credit if you sign up now


~ Contact us for an estimate
  • Completely customized reports and workflow
  • Create your own default language
  • Multiple reports for different types of investigations/clients
  • Specific prompts for investigators
  • Collaborative build process
  • Flexible pricing with little to no charge for customization
  • Monthly minimum usage required
  • Premium 24-hour customer service and tech support